Mutual Marine Shipping Ltd., an ocean, air and local transportation service company, was established since 1991. The head office is located in Hong Kong. Our business area covers the whole China. Nowadays Mutual has been developed into a full service of an international transportation company. These services are sea freight, air freight, sea & air combined transport etc to/from any point of the world. Mutual has its own offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tainjin, local agents all over China, South East Asia and its network in the major overseas destinations.

This Mutual team has extensive experiences in the cargo industry over 15 years. During this period, Mutual set up a good company reputation, reliability and the supports from the valuable customers and agents. Many members joined in the company after years of service in international freight forwarders. These experts are always ready to examine your transport requirements, solve any transportation problem and provide you with the routine and method which best suit your needs. We always dedicate ourselves to ensuring the excellent performance of our skill with sufficient facilities and equipment. We get to know what matters most to our clients by listening, by learning, by comprehending and by delivering the tailored solutions. We are an enterprising company with extensive business scope in total freight services as well as full preparation of packing, documentation, customs clearance, insurance and door service, etc.

Our company's philosophy is based on the guiding principle that your business needs require special care and handling.

Mutual is here to fulfill your needs. You are welcome to inquire more about our company by contacting us at any time:

Tel: (852) 28540686
Fax: (852) 28542571